• A National Training Unit of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI) was established in 1982 and expanded its scope of services in 1985.

The mandate of the training center was to provide the necessary training services to develop and upgrade the capacity of the ministry's staff to fulfill their respective tasks.

Technical support from donors enabled the training center to put in place national management procedures and develop a broad range of training modules to ensure regular transfer of vital technical and managerial skills to water sectors staff in order to manage, operate and maintain the irrigation and drainage systems.

• In 2002, The Training Center has been selected to be a Regional Center under the auspices of UNESCO and given the name Regional Center for Training and Water Studies in arid and semi-arid zones (RCTWS).

• In 2008, the Training Center has been re-evaluated and its administrative level has been raised to become a “Sector” under the name of The Training Sector for Water Resources and Irrigation.

• In 2014, it is renamed to The Regional Training Sector for Water Resources and Irrigation (RTSWRI).

• Other 6 Sub-Training Centers are distributed all over Egypt to ensure the decentralization principle of the MWRI.