Cooperation with NUFFIC-NICHE

  • In October 2010, an agreement had been signed between Egypt and the Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education (NUFFIC/NICHE) for the development of the training sector capabilities to provide high quality training for human resources in the water sector.

  • The Project Activities
    • Rehabilitation of human resources as trainers using modern learning technology MLT.
    • Preparation 6 training courses in six water-related areas to comply with modern ways of learning.
    • The adoption of a professional diploma for engineers in collaboration with one of the Egyptian universities
    • Infrastructure development for the application of modern learning techniques.
    • Development of marketing strategy for the training sector.
    • The development of a comprehensive quality system in the internal processes and procedures of the training sector.
    • Develop a strategy to expand the role of women through putting the operational plans to be applied.