Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Regional Training Center for Water Resources and Irrigation

Works under the auspices of UNESCO - Accredited by the Central Agency for Organization and Administration - Accredited ICDL

The sector's strategy has been formulated in an integrated and balanced manner, that covers the Regional Water Sector’s needs to achieve both the IHP's sixth approach and the SDGs' sixth goal, taking into account being lined up with the progressive developed strategy of MWRI represented in four main pillars, namely, Improving Water Quality, Rationalizing Water Use, Developing Water Resources and finally Creating the Enabling Environment. On the other hand, it is flexible enough to guarantee, not only, overcoming the expected future challenges versus utilizing the available opportunities, but also, recovering the weakness points versus developing the strengthening points. In this respect, the strategy of RTSWRI involves six main pillars:
  1. Compatibility with MWRI Strategy
  2. Expansion in Activities Related to Water
  3. 3Decentralization
  4. Financial Sustainability
  5. Using Modern Technology
  6. Establishment of Regional and National Networks and Platforms